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Get a Sak Yant in Pai - The Coolest Tourist Experience in Mae Hong Son

Get a Sak Yant in Pai with a Real Sak Yant Master | Book Online or come and visit us for a Sak Yant and Blessing Experience

get a sak yant in Pai - Online Booking

Get a Sak Yant in Pai - Booking the Sak Yant Experience

Get a Sak Yant in Pai - How to Make a Booking

  1. You can Make a booking for Same Day Service
  2. Select from the Calendar a free date and time that matches when you will be in Pai
                       (Free days are White, Unavailable days are Grey & Red)
  3. Fill in your details

Do You have Sak Yant Questions?

We have the Answer at our Traditional Thai Sak Yant FAQ

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