Traditional Bamboo Thai Tattoo in Pai by Sak Yant Master

Get a Traditional Bamboo Thai Tattoo in Pai by Real Sak Yant Master

Get an Authentic Experience Sak Yant Thai Tattoo in Pai Thailand with Magical Blessing by Sak Yant Master Ajarn at their Samnak (Holy Rooms). The only place in Pai that provides Real Sak Yant Tattoos

Sak Yant Thai Tattoo in Pai Ajarns

Traditional Bamboo Thai Tattoo in Pai by Sak Yant Master


  • 1 Hour visit to Sak Yant Master Ajarn in our Store Samnak
  • Instructions on how to act following Traditional Protocols
  • Talk with Ajarn about your Magical Intentions
  • Receive the Traditional Thai Tattoo (Sak Yant Tattoo)
  • Receive the Magical Blessing for the Thai Tattoo
  • Aftercare Treatment and Instructions

Traditional Bamboo Thai Tattoo by Sak Yant Master Details

Get a Sak Yant Thai Tattoo In Pai

A 100% real and genuine Sak Yant Experience with Blessing from our Samnak (holy rooms) in Pai, Mae Hong Song – Thailand

Real Traditional Thai Tattoo in Pai by Sak Yant Masters with Magical Blessing using Steel Needle

100% Real Sak Yant and Blessing in the heart of Pai

Times Available

9am  – 5.30 pm

Cost of Sak Yant

2000 Baht
Depending on the size and time taken to preform the Sak Yant

Sak Yant Location

Sak Yant Pai’s Store located at  29  Rangsiyanon Rd, Pai 58139

Other Considerations?

Shower before you go
Do not drink much the night before
Knowing what design you want before helps

Sak Yant Traditional Bamboo Thai Tattoo in Pai by Sak Yant Master Overview

What to Expect getting a Sak Yant Thai Tattoo in Pai

The first thing to know when getting a Sak Yant Traditional Thai Tattoo is that it is done with a Steel needle and not a Bamboo one.  The term ‘Bamboo Tattoo’ is a modern marketing reference to the old style of how Traditional Thai Tattoos where done in Thailand.  You can find out more by reading What is a Traditional Thai Bamboo Tattoo?

When you come to our office, either as a result of an online booking or having previously come and made an appointment – you will talk with our staff there.

We ask that you come in 15 minutes before your appointment, so that we can go through the Sak Yant Designs and Magical Blessing with you.  The Ajarn does not speak English very well, so our customer service staff will ask you about what your magical intentions are, and show you some designs that you are able to choose from.  They will then go over the etiquette and procedures and offer you some Real Buddhist Prayer Beads, (if you would like them) which you can also have blessed as part of the service. 

When you meet the Ajarn with a simple Wai (bow) and greeting is sufficient.  Our staff will then explain to the Sak Yant Master what design you would like, for what reasons, and any special blessings.  Our Staff will then show you how to follow the correct protocols of making the offering.  The Sak Yant Master will then prepare the design stencil and begin.  The Sak Yant Experience is a special and spiritual event so we leave you to it in private.  Sak Yant Tattoo in Pai staff will intermittently return to the room to see how you are doing.

If you wish to take your own photos (and are alone) you can show our staff how to use your camera.  We are only too happy to help you record the experience for your social media or private use.

Greeting the Sak Yant Master

You will present your small “offering to the spirits” before the Sak Yant ceremony begins, which we provide for you.

First thing you have to do is bow 3 times to respect as Buddhism way;

1 for Buddha
2 for Buddhism
3 for the Ajarn

This offering should be arranged on a tray which is included flowers, incense and a candle and the money offering. The Monk or Ajarn will have a small accepting ceremony of the offering on behalf of the spirits.

After the Sak Yant Traditional Thai Tattoo and Blessing is Finished.

After the Sak Yant it is completed, the Sak Yant Master will let the staff know who will come and guide you through the the thanking and blessing.  You will turn around and again bow 3 times to thank the Sak Yant Master.

Now is time for the blessing. Usually you will take your offering and both you and the Ajarn will hold onto it for a few minutes while the Master recites the blessing incantation. This is the magical part of the Sak Yant experience.  The Ajarn will then finalize the Blessing with a sprinkle of water, over yourself and anyone watching.  That’s it – all done.

The Staff will then take you back to the office and explain again what your Sak Yant means, take some photos, apply some medicated ointment (which we have for sale) and explain the Sak Yant Rules.

For some people this is a special moment that might require a little time to relax and return back to the modern world.  You are welcome to take as long as you like with some tea on the sofa.  At this point if you would like to provide a tip for the staff it would be very much appreciated by them.  Thai salary is about US$300 a month and most of the staff in the tourist industry rely on their tips as a supplement to what is essentially a basic living wage.

Reservation/Refund Policy

100% Refunds for bookings deposit when you advise us of a cancellation up to 3 days before the scheduled event. Within 3 days if another guest books your cancelled time slot (usually if given a days notice) we will provide a refund. If you fail to turn up for your appointment, without notice, there is no refund.

Get a Sak Yant Traditional Thai Tattoo in Pai by Sak Yant Master Ajarn.

Sak Yant Pai’s Store located at

29  Rangsiyanon Rd
Pai 58139

Additional things when getting a Sak Yant Thai Tattoo in Pai

Bring your Friends!

It is free for your friends to watch

Blessed Buddhist Prayer Beads

We have a selection of real Buddhist Prayer Beads that you can get blessed. A great gift for family and friends back home.

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